Ph0wn Badge Contest

Bring your favorite badge at Ph0wn CTF: one you built yourself or a badge you customized yourself from a former conference.
The owner of the badge with most votes wins a prize (to be defined).

Badges Collection

We will display all badges at the venue. Each participant present at Ph0wn will vote for his/her favorite badge.
This contest is meant to be fun and educative. As usual, remain fair play, and enjoy!

Quick Answers

  • May I use an existing badge, of a conference? Yes. It's very cool to re-use badges and for the planet ;-) To compete, you however need to modify the badge at some point: modify the hardware, or add an extension, or customize the firmware etc. Whatever, but something on it must be your own achievement.
  • Does it have to be an electronic badge? No, absolutely not. We are open to 3D printed badges for example.
  • Can I participate remotely and send it? No, unfortunately this is for on-site participation. You bring your badge, and you take it back too.
  • Do I need to participate to the CTF? No, but it's highly encouraged. You'll need to be present on-site during the badge contest...
  • My badge needs X, Y, Z, what should I do? Bring everything your badge needs down to the power cord, batteries etc! Please ensure your badge is electrically safe and won't disrupt the CTF one way or another. See rules below for more details.
  • Can we participate as a team, e.g. I built the badge with a friend? Yes, but at least one person needs to be on-site. Also, please stipulate clearly who are the badge creators, and note we are only able to provide one single prize .


  • Who. Each ph0wn participant or authorized visitor may only supply one single badge ("badge competitor") . The organization staff may supply a badge, but they are not entitled to the winner's prize. If the badge is refused for a reason or another (see below), participant may submit another one.
    Each ph0wn participant or authorized visitor may vote ("voters"). The organization staff does not vote, unless there is a tie at the end.
  • Registration. Each badge competitor will hand over his/her badge in person to the Ph0wn organization staff. Details will be given on-site. In doubt, contact an organizer.
  • Code of Conduct. Badges which do not follow the Code of Conduct are refused. Badge competitors and voters are expected to follow the Code of Conduct too.
  • Tech. Badges are expected to be former badges of conferences or self made electronic (or non-electronic) badges. Example of badges. If an identical badge has already been registered, the staff will refuse it (unless it is customized one way or another). Badges should be physically and electrically safe. They should not disrupt CTF challenges - check with Ph0wn staff if in doubt. Badges bigger than 20cm x 20cm x 20cm may be refused. If your badge requires some extra equipment: bring it and prepare it . If this equipment takes too much place, the organization staff may have to decline your submission.
  • Using the badges. Participants: please handle the badges with care.
    Badge competitors: while we expect all participants to follow the Code of Conduct, you remain responsible for your badge.If you do not want participants to touch your badge, say so and place a visible sign or sticker on it. We won't be held responsible for badge damage or loss.
  • Votes. Each ph0wn participant or authorized visitor may vote only once, and for a single badge. To vote, people are given a physical token. They must provide this physical token to the organization staff to vote: no physical token, no vote! Badge competitors may vote, including for their own badge :) A Ph0wn participant may redeem his/her physical token to another person, that person can then vote in his/her name. Selling, stealing, blackmailing (etc!) participants for their physical token is absolutely prohibited...
  • Winner. The badge competitor with the most votes wins the contest. Votes are counted by the Ph0wn organization staff, ph0wn participants may watch the count. Tie: if several badge competitors get the same count of votes, depending on available prizes, the Ph0wn organization staff may have to select only one winner. The organization staff decides.
  • Prize . This year, the winner will receive an Andonstar AD106S digital microscope. We hope this prize helps you create more badges!
  • Picture. Badge competitors accept people take pictures of their badge. These images may go for instance on social networks . If badge competitors do not wish this, please do not supply a badge.
  • Promotion. Badge competitors may promote their badge (online, or on site). However, they may not buy votes (!), attempt to corrupt voters etc. In all cases, promotion/advertisment must comply with Code of Conduct.
  • Leave with your badge. Each badge competitor must take his/her badge back home at the end of the competition. Remaining unclaimed badges may end in our personal museum.