Ph0wn CTF - Race for the flag - November 29-30, 2024

Ph0wn is a Capture The Flag (CTF) and Workshops dedicated to smart devices

SUMMER FUN: A 3-stage CTF teaser has been released! Go here and enjoy!

Ph0wn CTF and Workshops will occur on November 29-30, 2024. Registration is free (thanks to our sponsors!) and is expected to open 1 month in advance.

Ph0wn is dedicated to smart devices. Our CTF and Workshops are consequently connected (sometimes a bit loosely!) to smart devices. For example, we had CTF challenges on connected coffee machines, drones and satellites, and Workshops on Ghidra for ARM, Hydrabus.

If you are not familiar with CTFs, read this What is a CTF? Is it interesting? Do I have the skills?

If you have already played CTFs, Ph0wn CTF has less Web challenges, less x86, but more ARM, embedded devices (e.g ESP32, Micropython, MQTT, Bluetooth...). See our write-up repository for examples.

Key Information