Ph0wn CTF

Race for the flag
November 29-30, 2024

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Ph0wn is a Capture The Flag (CTF) and Workshops dedicated to smart devices

Come and challenge yourself on IoT, embedded systems, smart phones, drones, IP web cameras, console games, smart toothbrushes and many other devices!

November 29-30, 2024

Ph0wn 2023 is over! It was great thanks to all of you! There were 4 workshops and 182 participants. More on this fabulous edition! which featured a satellite, again!

Download Ph0wn eZine Issue #01 and enjoy writeups!
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Venue Address

For workshops, EURECOM
450 route des Colles
06903 Sophia Antipolis
Alpes Maritimes, France
GPS: latitude 43.614376, longitude 7.070450

For the CTF, Learning Centre SophiaTech
Batiment G,
450 route des Colles
06903 Sophia Antipolis
Alpes Maritimes, France
GPS: latitude: 43.61479, longitude: 7.07164

The map below points on the Learning Center (CTF). The building of Eurecom (workshops) is the next one (West).

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Badge Contest

Bring your favorite badge at Ph0wn CTF: one you built yourself or simply a badge you got at a former conference.
The owner of the badge with most votes gets a Digital Microscope (Andonstar AD106S)!

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What to bring, how to compete...

How to participate the CTF


Team size is limited to 5


Bring your own laptop! We also recommend you come with a smartphone, multi-sockets, a multimeter, a soldering iron, a variety of USB cables (micro USB, USB-C...), dongles, sniffers, UART to USB and any of your favorite hardware gear


Bring your favorite software (disassemblers, development tools, hexadecimal viewers, virtual machines, kali etc)


Challenges will be accessible via wifi. Make sure you can access wifi on your laptop.

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Sponsors for 2024



Want to sponsor Ph0wn 2024? Send us an email on contact (at) ph0wn (dot) org

Partner events


Steering committee

Axelle Apvrille "@cryptax" - Fortinet
Ludovic Apvrille - Telecom Paris
Sandro Barbero - Fortinet
Romain Cayre - Eurecom
Brehima Coulibaly - Fortinet
Savino Dambra - Norton Research Group
Fabien Ferrero - Université de Nice
Alain Forcioli - Fortinet
Romain Malmain - Eurecom
Philippe Paget "@Phil242" - GreHack
Bastien Sultan - Telecom Paris


Previous editions



A8 motorway: Exit 44, Antibes, Sophia Antipolis. At roundabout "Carrefour SophiaTech" located on "route des Chappes", follow signs for "Campus SophiaTech".
Recommended parking: P3
. Signs will guide you from there to Ph0wn rooms.
The workshop is in EURECOM building. The CTF is in the Learning Center. The buildings are next to each other on the Campus.


From Nice or the airport of Nice: line 630 or 632 will take you to Sophia Antipolis in approximately 40 minutes for 2.50 euros. This bus does not run on week-ends. Ask to stop in Sophia Antipolis at St Philippe. During week-ends, consider using bus 637.


Stop at Antibes. Then use bus A, taxis, Uber or car sharing up to Sophia Antipolis (approx 20 mins).


Get off the bus stop "St Philippe" or "Templiers".
From the neighboring towns of Sophia Antipolis : check Envibus.
From Grasse and its surroundings: check Sillages.