Ph0wn is a Capture The Flag dedicated to smart devices (IoT, embedded systems, smart phones…). Come and challenge yourself on drones, IP web cameras,  console games,  smart toothbrushes and many other devices!

It takes place on  Wednesday November 29 2017 at Campus SophiaTech, Sophia Antipolis, France. The contest starts at 6 pm local time and finishes at 2 am (November 30).

Ph0wn is a jeopardy-style local CTF.

Prizes to be announced soon.


How to participate

–   Free entrance.  Register to secure your seat, and get your free meal / soft drinks – courtesy of Fortinet. Registration information to come soon.

–   Your laptop with at least 10 GB free, power cord & adapters, network adapter, multi plug outlets.

–   Your own hardware & forensic tools. Suggestions: Ubertooth, Bluetooth dongle, USB cables, multimeter, SD card adapters…

–    Recommended software: the usual CTF tools with disassemblers such as IDA Pro or Radare2, hex editor, Kali etc. In addition, we recommend docker, VirtualBox, Android emulator, mbed, Arduino IDE.

Note this is a local CTF: challenges won’t be available remotely.


This CTF is sponsored by Fortinet and organized during the eSAME conference.
CTF organizers are:

–   Axelle Apvrille (Fortinet)

–   Ludovic Apvrille (Telecom ParisTech)

–   Michel Dubois (Plateforme Conception)

–   Aurélien Francillon (Eurecom)

–   Alain Forcioli (Fortinet)

–   Florian Lugou (Telecom ParisTech)

–   Marius Münch (Eurecom)

–   Philippe Paget (GreHack)

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– Forbidden to prevent other teams from scoring

– No DoS/automated scans/large amounts of traffic/deleting stuff on our servers, and of course, no attack on external servers

Team size is limited to 5.