Ph0wn CTF

Race for the flag
November 29-30, 2024

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Participants should come with:
  • A computer and its power cord, including power adapters if necessary
  • A variety of USB cables, including USB to Micro USB cable and USB to USB-C cable
  • A multiplug outlet
  • Wifi dongle (if not supported by laptop)
Highly recommended in the team:
  • A smartphone
  • Bluetooth dongle (if not supported by laptop)
  • Bus Pirate, or Hydrabus
  • Soldering iron, flux, microscope
  • Multimeter
  • UART to USB
  • STLink
We may be able to lend some equipment above, but it's better to bring your own. Participants are free to use any software or equipment of their choice (e.g. disassembler, Kali, virtual machines, SD card, proxmark...) provided it does not damage the target (see rules section below). Ask organizers if you are in doubt.


  • Competitors have to be physically present
  • Maximum number of 5 participants per team
  • During Ph0wn, for some specific challenges, participant may borrow equipment and smart devices. This equipment/device should be handled with care and returned in perfect working condition. In all cases, return promptly the item at the end of the CTF please (sometimes, it's our own, and it costs us!). Please discuss with the organizers if you have any question on what is permitted or not.
Participants must comply to the Code of Conduct. In particular, note it is strictly prohibited and subject to disqualification to:
  • Attack any machine other than the designated ones,
  • DoS Ph0wn CTF infrastructure or University,
  • Modify the scoreboard,
  • Intentionally prevent other teams from flagging.

Prize Attribution

This is a short explanation of how prizes are attributed.

At the end of the CTF, on Ph0wn's CTF scoreboard, the 3 teams with the highest score are identified and are entitled to a prize. In case the score is equal, the first team to reach the score is considered as first.
  • The first team is called to select 5 prizes among a pool of available prizes.
  • Then, the second team is called to select 5 prizes among the remaining prizes.
  • Finally, the third team is called to select 5 prizes among the remaining prizes.
  • If a team has less than 5 members, they still select 5 prizes :)

Prizes at Ph0wn are provided by our sponsors. Many thanks to them!
In case of insufficient prizes, those rules are subject to change.