Ph0wn 2023 Edition

Ph0wn 2023 took place on November 24-25 2023. There was 182 participants in 46 teams.

41 teams scored at least once. Teams coming from mostly France (Provence, Paris, Lyon, Grenoble, Rennes, Toulouse...), but also 3 teams from Switzerland. There were 35% of students, 65% of professionals.

Download Ph0wn eZine Issue #01!


The event was sponsored by:

Platinum Sponsors: Fortinet, RingZer0
Gold Sponsors: EchoStar Mobile, BSecure, SERMA, Penthertz
Bronze Sponsors:, Hydrabus, Hackable Magazine, PiRogue Tool Suite
Venue & organization: Fortinet, Telecom Paris, Université Cote d'Azur, EURECOM, GreHack, Norton Research Group.

Steering Committee

The core organization team was made of (alphabetic order):

  1. Axelle Apvrille (Fortinet)
  2. Ludovic Apvrille (Telecom Paris)
  3. Sandro Barbero (Fortinet)
  4. Romain Cayre (EURECOM)
  5. Savino Dambra (Norton Research Group)
  6. Fabien Ferrero (Université de Nice)
  7. Alain Forcioli (Fortinet)
  8. Romain Malmain (EURECOM)
  9. Philippe Paget
  10. Bastien Sultan (Telecom Paris)

Thanks to Nils Amiet, Alexey Andriyashin, Tom and Sébastien Andrivet, Maximilien Bouchez, Fabrice Francès, Pascal Junod, Nicolas Oberli, Jeremy Parente, Maria Pavlova, Sylvain Pelissier, Mickael Peries, Paul Rascagnères, Philippe Rischebe for their help.

Prizes and Winners


The winners of this CTF was duks team! Congratulations to them, congratulations to all of you whatever your score.

Winners - 2023

1st: Duks
2nd: SouduRicard
3rd: sun on the screen


The top 3 teams were entitled to select prizes from the following:

Prizes - 2023

3x LEGO boxes
2x UGEARS Mars Rover
3x M5GO kit
3x Raspberry Pi 4
1x PiRogue (based on Raspberry Pi 4)
3x Chronicles of Crime board game




The Ph0wn Trophy is a unique 3D printed trophy designed by R00tBSD


Challenges & Write Ups


  • 23 challenges
  • 1 challenge involved a real and operational satellite
  • 16 challenges involved specific equipment (antenna, 3D printing, Hydrabus, smartwatches, board games...)
  • 6 Rookie challenges
  • Easiest challenges: Pico PCB, Satellite 1, Arkanoid, HydraJet 1
  • Most difficult challenges: HydraJet 2, Heavy Duty, Unbolted 2, PiRogue


Solve counts 3D Print Jscrab Hydrajet Chronicles Satellite


Write-ups are available on Ph0wn's GitHub repository or download Ph0wn eZine Issue #01!

Badge Contest

The badges of this edition were beautiful and interactive. The "ph0wn" badge changed when you touched it. The Game & Watch badge implemented a full Parachute game. Another one was simulating the Flipper Zero. The winner badge implemented an adventure game.
Congratulations to LambdaHack, he got the most votes.

badge contest winner is lambdahack

Badge contestant 6502man Badge contestant Franck Badge contestant Azox

Free Workshops

Ph0wn 2023 hosted 4 free workshops during the afternoon. All workshops were full.

  • Software reverse engineering for beginners with Ghidra applied to a drone's firmware (ARM architecture) - Maximilien Bouchez
  • 3D Printing - Sebastien et Tom Andrivet
  • Hands-on hardware security key - Sylvain Pelissier and Nils Amiet
  • Hacking d'architectures retro - Fabrice Francès
Workshop retro Workshop 3D Workshop Eurecom

Pictures of the event

There were teams from ARM, BSecure, BUT Reseaux et Telecom, Ecole 2600, EDF, Epitech, EURECOM, Fortinet, GreHack, IRSN, Kudelski, Nagra, Naval Group, NXP, SERMA, Telecom Paris, Universite de Niceā€¦ and more!

Fortinet Eurecom Serma