Ph0wn 2017 Edition

The first edition of Ph0wn took place on November 29, 2017. The CTF was located at Campus SophiaTech, buidling Espace Entreprise (above the Learning Center) in Sophia Antipolis, France. The contest started at 6 pm local time and finished at 2 am (November 30).


The event was sponsored by Fortinet. We also thank e-SAME, WHAT (Women Hackers Action Tank) and GreHack for their support and advertisement.

Steering Committee

The core organization team was made of (alphabetic order):

  • Axelle Apvrille (Fortinet)
  • Ludovic Apvrille (Telecom Paristech)
  • Alain Forcioli (Fortinet)
  • Michel Dubois (Plateforme Conception)
  • Aurélien Francillon (EURECOM)
  • Florian Lugou (Telecom Paristech)
  • Marius Münch (EURECOM)
  • Philippe Paget (GreHack)

Thanks to Fabrice, @acervoise, @balda for their help.


Prizes for the first three CTF teams

  1. Team adhoc. 1 Parrot MiniDrone Quadricopter Mambo + Raspberry Pi 3 16GB retro gaming bundle with 2 SNES Style controllers
  2. Team NOPS. 1 Parrot MiniDrone Quadricopter Mambo
  3. Team pwntera. Raspberry Pi 3 16GB retro gaming bundle with 2 SNES Style controllers


Prizes - 2017

Challenges Video


This is a short on-site video of the Apollo Mission challenge that a few teams managed to solve.


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Axelle and Philippe gave a talk on Ph0wn at Insomni’hack 2018. The talk explains how Ph0wn was setup. Behind the scenes.

The slides are available here

Find Ph0wn on CTFTime


Write-ups repository is here